Company Founders

ACR. Dr. Ravee

Entrepreneur, Trainer & Motivational Speaker.

The man behind this organization is Dr. Ravee, the Visionary Entrepreneur, a self motivator and a personal development coach who brings about a paradigm shift in anyone attending his talks. He has a Master’s degree in Business Administration, Phd. in Complimentary Medicine and has completed his basic and advance courses in spiritual consciousness. To him, one can only transform when one realizes himself and his own potential. Through his talks, participants are made to realize themselves and understand their hidden potential. This enables them to set clear goals on what they want and practice the goals achieving mechanism that will be revealed to them. Dr. Ravee’s extraordinary teaching and guiding skills have earned him numerous acclaims around the globe.

Dr. Ravee’s trainings include elements of spiritual and prosperity consciousness. He is a man who believes that achievement in both material and spiritual world makes a complete human being, as both should progress in parallel. People with strong desires to achieve personal goals have benefited from these trainings. Dr. Ravee taps the soul level to make oneself realize the purpose of one’s life. To him, when you undertake your endeavours knowing your purpose, success is easily within reach.  “Inspiring, Improving and Transforming” has been his motto in life. His trainings have been a turning point for not only people who are involved in business. People with a desire to change, professionals, laymen and even students have benefitted from his trainings.

His Credentials:

  • The recipient of “Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award” from Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award 2007 for his outstanding and exemplary achievements in entrepreneurship (2007).
  • For creating a system and proving it with a transformation in Network Marketing, he was named The Strategic System Leader of the Year at the 6th Asia Super Excellence Master Award of Direct Sales (2009).
  • In recognition of his achievements and contributions towards nation building, he received the ‘Malaysian Independence Award 1957” under the Prominent Leader Category.
  • For his outstanding contributions to Tasly Group, his Footprint was embedded in gold at Tasly Group’s Walk of Fame on 10th May 2006.
  • He is the Patron of Malaysian Indian Journey book and his Success Profile has featured in this book.
  • His Success Profile has featured in *Who’s Who *Constitution*Government & Politics.